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Types Of Ownership
Our resorts have two types of vacation ownership: “fixed/guaranteed use” time and “flex/floating” time.


Fixed Ownership

Fixed week owners have the exclusive use of the same unit and week year after year, unless the owner deposits his week with an exchange company or is a member of RCI Points.  Fixed weeks at our resorts are weeks 22-35 (June-August) and 40-43 (October).


Flex Ownership

Flex or Floating Week owners are not locked in to the same unit and week each year.  Flex week owners must request a week for each calendar year, unless the owner is a member of RCI Points.  Owners of flex time may request any week in the flex time periods:  1-21 (January-May), 36-39 (September) and 44-52 (November-December).

Flex week inventory opens for reservations one year in advance.  We strongly encourage you to plan ahead and reserve your week as early as possible.  All flex weeks are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  If you wait too long to reserve your time, the week you had hopes of reserving may be completely booked.  Reservation dates must fall within the calendar year of the use year you are reserving as unused flex time does not accrue or carry over to the next year.

To make your flex week reservation, simply call the Flex Reservations Department at your resort: Tree Tops Resort 865.430.4237


View or print a VACATION CALENDAR.

Vacation Flexibility

Owners have several options when it comes to using their vacation time.  Stay at your home resort, exchange it, use your RCI Points, or rent it out!

  • Exchange:  When exchanging your ownership, you must first have a confirmed reservation from the resort and have paid your maintenance fee for the use year you are exchanging.  Then, contact your exchange company to deposit your week.  You may deposit your week with one of our exchange affiliates: Interval International, Resort Condominiums International and Amber Vacation Club, or one of the many smaller exchange companies.
  • RCI Points:  If you are an RCI Points member, your usage of fixed and flex time are different than described above, and, an RCI Points membership is not the same as an RCI Weeks membership.  RCI Points members who own a fixed week and want to use that fixed unit and week at their resort must reserve their “home week” through RCI Points during the designated time frame.  Also, Flex owners in the points program no longer call the Flex Reservations Department to reserve a week.  All reservations, whether they are to stay at your home resort or elsewhere, are made through RCI Points.   If you are an RCI Points member, please see your RCI Points Disclosure Guide for reservation procedures and detailed information on the points program. If you are interested in becoming an RCI Points member, please contact Larry Musgrove at 865.428.6039 extension 12.


Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fees are assessed on an annual basis for each unit/week owned.  From cleaning supplies, landscaping materials, linens, and house wares to resort employee wages, insurance, property taxes and utility bills, the annual maintenance fee includes all costs and expenses associated with operating and maintaining the resort.  The annual maintenance fee budget is presented to all homeowners and determined by majority vote.  All maintenance fee payments are due and payable by January 1st. *To help offset the increasing cost of processing credit/debit card payments (when credit card is not present and cannot be swiped), on 11/8/23 the Board of Directors approved a new credit card convenience fee of $10, as well as the new late fee charge of $30 for maintenance fee payments that are not paid by February 1.  These changes are effective immediately. Maintenance fee payments paid by check/money order received prior to February 1 or paid in person at the resort by credit/debit card will not incur these fees.

Click Here To Pay Your Maintenance Fee

Buying, Selling, or Transferring a Week

Tree Tops and Oakmont do not offer an owner sales program. All developer weeks are sold out and therefore weeks are only available for purchase through the resale market or private party. If you are interested in selling your week, we caution you to avoid any company or person that requires an upfront fee. Maintenance fees must be current to transfer ownership. The association office cannot answer legal questions concerning the sale of your week. Please consult an attorney of your choice.


Once a week has been purchased, sold or transferred, the association office must receive a copy of the recorded deed. Along with copy of the deed, the association will need copies of valid drivers license for each new owner along with their current mailing address, phone number, email address and transfer fee payable to Tree Tops Resort Condominium Association Inc. Contact the association deeds administration office to discuss the transfer fee:

Mail to:


Attn: Deeds Administrator

PO Box 4960

Sevierville TN 37864

Notifications of changes in ownership are the responsibility of the present owner.  We cannot change ownership or account information without the proper documentation.

If you have any additional questions or did not find the answers you were looking for in our site, please contact the appropriate department listed on the Tree Tops Resort  Contacts and Directions page.