Oakmont Resort Selling Your Ownership

Selling any timeshare, be it a Silver Crown or no crown, can be hard to do. You are not only competing with other sellers but all other resorts in the area and around the globe for a very limited number of buyers. A quick sale is in your best interest so you should price your week very aggressively. Forget what you originally paid for your property. It is common for an owner sale to be one-half or even one-third less than the original developer sale price.

There are commercial resellers for timeshares but be very careful if you use one. Many ask for upfront fees of $300-$700 or more! Do not be fooled by promises from these companies. History has shown over and over that companies charging $100 or more upfront to list the property tend to do little or nothing to promote the sale.

Also, it has come to our attention that some of our owners have been solicited to attend a meeting or seminar regarding the “disposal” of their timeshare interval. These meetings often present the owner with an extremely negative view of timesharing and offer to “relieve” the owner of their “burdensome” timeshare by charging a one time fee of $3,000 or more! This practice is illegal pursuant to TENN. CODE ANN. 66-32-137(2), and these companies advertise this as a “service” to you. These companies actually have YOU PAY THEM to take your timeshare, which they then turn around and sell on eBay or to a wholesaler for very little. They have no need to make a big profit off the sale because you already paid them to unload it for you!

Please be aware that there is no need to PAY someone to take your valuable ownership. If you have been approached by one of these unscrupulous companies and are willing to pay someone to take your property, please contact us first at (865) 428-6039. We may be able to help and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars!

If you would like to advertise your Tree Tops or Oakmont ownership for sale on this site, free of charge, please complete the listing form by clicking the link below. We hope this service is helpful and wish you the best on your sale. If you have any questions about advertising on this site, please feel free to contact us at fsbo@treemontresorts.com.

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